The Wobbling Dead Now Available!

Very excited to say that after a grueling year, I was able to complete The Wobbling Dead and it's now available! Please support my efforts to make these movies by buying a copy today!

The DVD is $10 (+$5 s/h) and can be bought here. Please note that I only have a limited number of copies, so they may sell out.

The Digital Download is only $5 and you can get it here. Obviously, there's no limit on these.

I want to thank everybody who has cheered me on over the last year and helped me keep climbing that mountain until I finally made it.

Here's hoping you get a kick out of the results!



Building Buildings...

One of the intimidating things about doing an animated parody of a show like The Walking Dead is that I have to animate my characters outside most of the time. That calls for much more modeling than a room with four walls.

I've been working on creating my own virtual backlot, that I can use and re-use for cases where I need character to be out and about.

Here are some views of the buildings I've modeled:


Time's Running Out!


Well, I hate to say it, but time is running out on my Kickstarter project for The Wobbling Dead and things aren't looking so great. As I write this, with just over 7 days to go, the project is only 48% funded.

This isn't to say that I've given up hope, traditionally there is a lot of last minute pledging on Kickstarter projects, but if you were one of those people on the fence about pledging but want to see The Wobbling Dead happen, I really need your help!

Please consider pledging and telling your friends about it!

It's Live!

Check out the Kickstarter page for The Wobbling Dead!

This is huge for me, folks! I really need the support to make The Wobbling Dead happen. I just can't do it if there's not an audience for it and this is the test!

So, please, check it out and tell all your friends! It's been nearly a year since I was chained to my computer all day and night, slaving away animating puppets.

I miss it!


It's Almost Time to Start Kicking!

Keep checking this space for the launch of the Kickstarter for The Wobbling Dead! As soon as it's live, I'll link to it here, but until then, check out this preview image!


UPDATE! Just wanted to give a quick update about where things are on The Wobbling Dead! Last weekend (Feb 9-10), I had a table at the Dallas Sci-Fi Expo. It was lots of fun and I sold some Stalled Trek DVDs and gave out a bunch of Wobbling Dead postcards. A big thanks to everyone who stopped by my table!

Unfortunately, I ended up with the dreaded Con Crud. Not only did I get the flu, but I got strep throat, too. I was wiped out most of the week, but am starting to feel better today and hoping to get some work done this weekend. Keep checking this space for new info! Thanks!

The Wobbling Dead!

After much consideration, I've finally picked the next subject for an animated puppet parody!


I went through many, many ideas and although there were aspects of each of them I liked, they didn't quite have enough of those aspects to make me want to commit to all the effort. 

The Walking Dead, however, sounded like a great idea as soon as it came! What's cooler than animated puppets? animated ZOMBIE puppets!

I wish I could say how long it will take me to bring this into being, but it's going to have many challenges I didn't face with the Star Trek parody, I'm sure. Right now, I'd love to have it done and on DVD by early February.

We shall see!